in your home**

Simple & Sweet Relax*

Light to moderate pressure flow massage with organic jojoba oil to nourish, restore and rejuvenate body, mind and spirit.

Simple & Strong Therapeutic*

Moderate to deep pressure flow massage with jojoba organic oil to realign muscles, create space around the joints, and ease the fascia with more focus on problematic areas.

Simple & Essential*

Aromatherapy flow massage with jojoba organic oil and Doterra essential oils to enhance relaxation, relieve stress and elevate mood.

**Please note: My services are ethical, professional and therapeutic. Suggestive behavior is NOT tolerated

Choose between:

*60/75/90 minutes ⌛️ 


*I travel to your home 🏡!!!

*Please call to inquire about additional rates applicable depending on location, availability and safety screening*

(a brief interview over the phone required).

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