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One Massage Therapy Philosophy

  Massage is a wonderful way to stay healthy. Who does not want to be healthy? It gives everyone the opportunity to invest in their wellness - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The miracle happens in the process of receiving the massage, when you allow yourself to receive the benefits with your whole being - body, mind and spirit.  Massage brings about balance,  and the sweet sense of harmony and connectedness to oneself, within and without. Then we remember... that we are the creator of  our own life,  the keeper of our own health, the resident of our own state of mind, and the experiencer of this present moment. Yes, our body is our temple. We feel, we emote, we think and create life experiences in that sacred temple of ours. But no matter what these experiences are, we are not them. They have the ability to create gaps, pull us apart, and away from our temple, our body.  We might feel disconnected, ungrounded and off. Naturally, we want to feel whole again, to be one, to be at peace in our body, in our mind, in our soul, in harmony with our emotions, feelings, and thoughts. These gaps present opportunities to dive deep into the unknown, and get to know our true nature, when we have the courage to face them.



  During massage, the body is still, the mind has the opportunity to observe the breath flowing in and out. The soul is free to roam, visit places, memories, people. It is then in this present moment when all gaps dissolve, and everything melts into One. We stop looking outward, and start looking inward, moving closer to our center. It is all within.  We just need to awaken our inner source of healing. 


   As a massage therapist, I facilitate, I guide, and I follow, I observe, and I listen. During the flow, we explore together, we discover, we release, we grow.  Different techniques are used, such as: gliding, kneading, friction, compression, percussion and rocking. How I work - my touch is light but deep. I work with soft hands, guided by your breath. The depth and intensity of awareness is the essence of our work together. Firing up our awareness creates the light that shows us we are already here, we already have what we need, we already are, with no need to become, to go, to acquire. Let it be and embrace it all with love. 

"Be aware of clinging to anything out of fear; trust your heart teacher." Shiva Rea

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